Camping bungalow to rent

Camping bungalow to rent Sotterum

Easy to book
Linen can be rented extra
Free wireless internet
kid friendly

Camping bungalow

Six sleeps camping bungalow 36m2. Hexagonal of wood with a truck sail roof. Double windows. Double bed, bunk bed and double sofa bed. Kitchen with running water and camping stove and a combi microwave with hot air oven.

The camping bungalow is a wooden cottage with a roof of sailcloth. The cottage is spacious, light and homey. The spacious living space is surprisingly much larger than the outside suggests. The camping bungalow combines the simplicity of camping with the luxury of a bungalow.

  • Caravan with awning available
  • Six person camping bungalowbun
  • Complete inventory