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The IJssellake area is one of the most attractive parts of Friesland, or even the Netherlands. Where can you find so many lakes, woods, fields and many historical sites? Inbetween all the beautiful different landscapes there are the most gogeuos towns and villages hidden. No less then five of the famous eleven Frisian towns are in this area. These cities all have their interesting history with impressive stories. The many villages in this area are as special as their names; Molkwerum, Hemelum, Laaksum, Mirns, Exmorra en Allingawier.


Location: On the western seaboard of the province of Friesland, just south of the Afsluitdijk.
History: The village originated in the early Middle Ages and was first mentioned in 1270, in records of the local Fulda monastery. It consisted of two parts: an agricultural village and a harbor settlement, Statum. In the 16th and 17th century, it was not only a prominent fishing and trade port, but also home to a number of manufacturers. In that era, Makkum's connection with pottery and tile_making emerged, while other entrepreneurs made building stones, roof tiles, paper and soap. Some of these artisans had fled Spanish-occupied Antwerp and moved north with their skills. In the 19th century, Makkum suffered an economic turndown, its fishing fleet dwindled and only one pottery withstood the hard times: Tichelaar.
Present day: A village with the outlook of a city, Makkum is these days relying on tourism, recreational sailing, eel fishing and its pottery plant. Its harbor now is 'protected' by the off-shore Makkumerwaard polder.
Main attraction: Pottery, as made by the artisans of Tichelaar and others; and the old center and the harbor area with some heritage buildings and houses.
Other features: The Weigh House of 1698; a late-gothic church; many facade plaques elaborately depicting the profession or background of the original house owner; the Tichelaar pottery; the Frisian Pottery Museum in the Weigh House.
Surrounding area: IJsselmeer shore; villages of Piaam; Bolsward, Sneek, Hindeloopen, Harlingen, Franeker; Afsluitdijk and Kornwerderzand Fortress Museum; recreational area Holle Poarte in Makkumerwaard.Famous sons: 20th century poets Wibren Altena and Bokke Pollema; 20th century politician Prof. Willem Banning and 19th century hydraulic engineer Prof. Anske Lamminga.

Royal Tichelaar Makkum
The only china-pottery left in the Netherlands. Excursions Tichelaar: mo / th 11.00, 13.30 and 15.00 h., fr 11.00 and 13.30 h. On Sa. video. Shop/showroom mo / fr 9-17.30, sa 10-17 Turfmarkt 65, Makkum.

Frisian potterymuseum The Weigh-house (De Waag)
Rich collection of Frisian ceramics. Also tourist office Makkum.Weigh-house MakkumOpen: januari / april & november/december, mo / vr 10-12 and 13-16 h., mai, mo t/m sa 10-16 h., sun- and cellebr.days 13.30-17.00 h.; june & september, mo / sa 10-17 h., sun- and cellebr.d. 13.30-17.00 h.; juli & august, mo / sa 10-17.30 h., sun- and cellebr.d. 13.30-17.00 h.; october, mo / sa 10-12 en 13-16 h. November / march monday / friday 10.00-12.00 h. , 13.00-16.00 h..

Pottery Altena & Krooyenga
Factory open: mo / fr 8-12 , 13-16. showroom open: mai / sept, mo / fr 8-18, sa 10-17, su 11-17. Okt / apr, mo / fr 8-12 , 13-17, sa 10-17. Bleekstraat 22-24, Makkum. Makkum

Fortress Museum Kornwerderzand
Former defenseline on the Afsluitdijk. The bunkers are complete and show a view of the second World War. Open: may / sept, we and sa 10-17 h. In july and august also sunday 13.00-17.00 h. In season boattrips from Makkum to the museum.

Cheese Farm De Mar
Cheese, butter and buttermilk hand made. Open: all week. C. Fellingerweg 3, Idsegahuizum.

The Aldfears Erfroute takes you along many old Friesian villages and their old crafts. The museum of painter Jopie Huisman, Cheesefarm 'De Mar' and many old buildings, and don't forget; visit the 400 year old pottery of Royal Tichelaar, the oldest enterprice in the Netherlands:

Aldfaers Erf Route
Dairyfarm Camping Sotterum is the ideal startingpoint for the 'Aldfaers Erf' route. This museum-route shows you the life and work of the Frisian rural population. You can see and enjoy it in four villages: - Exmorra, Allingawier, Ferwoude en Piaam. Piaam: Nature-hist. Museum It Fgelhs Allingawier: Word- and image-church with creationstory, museumfarm, drabbelcookbakery, smith and exposition of Grietje Huisman. Exmorra: grosseryshop and villageschool Ferwoude: timberworkshed of starscientist. Open: apr / okt, daily 10-17 h.

Atelier De Frije Wyn
Drawings and grafics of artist Frns Faber. Open: apr / okt, fr/sa/su 14-17, other on appointment. Meerweg 13, Allingawier.

Frisian Agricultural museum
Collection agricultural tools, machines, art and information about the history of the Frisian agriculture. Open: apr / okt, 10-17. Dorpsstraat 72, Exmorra.

De Spintol
Dilligent shop with exhibition of dollhouses. Open: may / sept, mo 13-17, tu / sa 10-12, 13-17. Dorpsstraat 39, Exmorra.

Galery Artisjok
Modern ceramic art with overview of Frisian ceramics. Open: th / sa,13-17, otherwise on appointment. Kerkstraat 19, Tjerkwerd.

Kornmill De Onderneming
Open: sa. 13-16, Molenweg, Witmarsum.
Menno Simons church

Schuilkerkje Menno's Fermanje in Pingjum
Baptism church, with slideseries on the life of Menno Simons. Info at VVV Makkum.

Tourist information Makkum / Harlingen


The town Bolsward originated from two moundspots at the Middelsea.Townhall Bolsward, click for more info because of this advantageous site, Bolsward became a trade and harbor city. In 1455 Bolsward got city rigths and associated with the Hanzeverbond. After the sliming and poldering of the Middelsea, Bolsward developed into an important marketcenter for the entire area. The trade in butter and cheese brougth Bolsward great wealth in the 17th and 18th century.A lot has been preserved of this time, like the townhall in renaissance-style, the Martinichurche and fine facades. Bolsward is the birthplace of Gijsbert Japicx, the founder of the Frisian literature. His statue is at the northside of the Martinichurche. Visiting Bolsward you should certanly visit the firm Sonnema/Plantinga. It's here where on secret recipe the Frisian Berenburg is made. Martinichurch


Martinikerk (church)
A pseudo-basiliek with an old saddlerooftower. Open: mo / fr 10-12, 13.30-17, july and aug. also sa 14-16 h. Groot Kerkhof 26, Bolsward.

Townhall with a historychamber
In Renaissance style with a rich decorated facade. Open: apr / okt, mo / fr 9-12, 14-16. In july and aug, mo / sa 10-17 h. The whole year arround groups on appointment. Jongemastraat 2, Bolsward. Broerechurch

Broerekerk (church)
Ruin with photopanels of the history of the Mindermonicks. Open: in season. Broereplein, Bolsward.

R.K. ST. Franciscuskerk (church)
Nice church, build in the thirties of colourfull Frisian bricks. Grote Dijlakker 8, Bolsward.

Permanent exposition on the orphan-history in the gardenwing of the former orphanage, founded in 1553 by Hid Hero Jelbethsdochter. Open: daily. Kerkstraat 51, Bolsward.

It Gysbert Japicsxhs
Museum and Tekstshop. In the birthhous of Gysbert Japicx (1603-1666), Frieslands first great pot and writer, you'll find an exhibition about his life and work. In "the story of the language" you'll find the development and use of the Frisian language. Also attention is given to the position of the Frisian language and the minority languages in Europe.Open: tu. / fr. 9.00-12.30 , 13.30-17.00h. Wipstraat 6, Bolsward.

Distilleerderij Plantinga/Sonnema (distillery)
Invention of Frisian Beerenburg. Excursion: june / aug., tu/we/th 13.30 and 15 h. Stoombootkade 12, Bolsward. Entrance f 2,-. > 16 y. free.Us Heit Beer

The Friesian Beerbrewery
Excursions on sa.,tu.,th.,fr. 16.00 h. Open: mo/tu/th/fr 8-17, sa 8-18. Groups on app., except on sa. 15-18. Snekerstraat 43, Bolsward. Entrance f 7,50 incl. consumption.

Swimmingpool Vitaloo
Open: mo. / fr. 13.30-16.30, su 11.00-15.00 h. Badstraat, Bolsward Tel. 0515 573573.


Workum is one of the most beautiful Frisian towns.WorkumAlong the filled up Wijmerts are fine facades and monumental buildings, like the St. Gertrudischurch, De Waag (scales) and the townhall. Workum arose along the Wijmerts. In the 14th century many ships left from Workum through the Wijmerts to the Zuiderzee and far beyond. Workum also had a fishingfleet and got rigths for eel fishing at the Thames in London. Beside the maritime activities, also livestock and industry provided wealth. There were industrial companies like shipyards, sailmakers, weavers and spinners. There was a succesfull linenindustry, in 1504 the Workumer El (71 cm) became valid in all of Friesland. Due to the available klay there were many potteries. The streetname 'Pothswyk' remembers of that time. When you walk through the town the many facades tell the beautifull stories of back then.

Attractions: Jopie

Jopie Huisman Museum
Drawings and paintings of autodidact artpainter and iron- and ragsalesman. Open: apr. / oct., mo / sa 10-17, su 13-17, march and nov., 13-17. Noard 6, Workum.

Museum Warkums Erfskip
History of Workum with sailing and pottery-idustry. Open: march / oct, tu / fr, 10-17, mo/sa/su 13-17 h. Merk 4, Workum.

Museum for Church art
Neo-gothic R.K. church with collection costumes, vlags etc. Open: juni / 15 sept., mo / sa, 13.30-17. Noard 175, Workum.

St. Gertrudiskerk
Largest middle century church in Friesland. Open: apr / oct, mo / sa, 11-17 h. Merk 5, Workum.

Informationcenter for culture and tourism with an overview of a rich variation of musea and attractions in the IJsselmeerarea in Friesland. Open: mo / fr, 9.30-17 h., march / oct also on sa. 9.30-16 h., or on app. (Tel. 0515-541300)., Noard 5, Workum.

Shipyard De Hoop
Centries old yard at the sluice. Open at app. Tel. 0515-542176. Sburch 7, Workum.

Doopsgezinde kerk
Hidechurch with remarkable interior. Open at app. with the verger. Tel. 0515-541343. Noard 100, Workum.

Arthouse Kort
Permanent exposition of the work of Marian Kort, changing expositions of todays artists, sale of antique and curiosa. Open: we / su, 13-18. Noard 200, Workum.


The wooden bridges over the small canals give Hindeloopen a nice atmosphere. HindelopenIn this Frisian town (one of the eleven) are many memories of the glorious time Hindeloopen had in the 17th and 18th century. There was trade with Norway, the Baltic-countries and Russia. Much of the earnings were spent in Amsterdam on costly goods imported by the VOC. This way Hindeloopen grew to a center of interior- and paintingart. Due to their richness, the Hindeloopians had their own costumes. In the small streets are still many captainshouses with small ankers on the facades, as a sign that the shipper could still use freigth. At Summertime the seamanswives lived with their children in small houses behind the normal houses, these were called 'likhzen'. The museum 'Hidde Nijland Stichting' is settled in the former townhall, where you can get to know the typical Hindeloopian cultur.


Museum Hidde Nijland Stichting
History of the town, with paintings and costumes. Open: march / oct, mo / sa, 10-17, su 13.30-17 uur. Or on app.. Dijkweg 3, Hindeloopen.

First Friesian Iceskatemuseum
Unique collection old skates and many 11-townstour memories. Open: mo / sa 10-18, su 13-17. Kleine Weide 1-3, Hindeloopen.

Westertower with Ned.Herv. Kerk
With namelist of preachers from 1580. Open: easter / automvacation 9-18. Dijkweg, Hindeloopen.

Rescue hall KNRM
With exhibition on rescueing. Open: afternoons in the season. 't Oost, Hindeloopen.


The beautifull town of Harlingen, the only Frisian town at the Waddenseacoast,Harlingen, click for more info is a popular destination for young and old. Harlingen is a traditional, fishingtown, with many tourist attractions, surrounded by beautifull nature and countryside. The large number of historical builings in the old center show the rich history of Harlingen. The combination of nature, watersportfascillities, historical attractions and other fascillities which make Harlingen one of the topcities for tourists.


Harlinger Aardewerk en Tegelfabriek. (China)
Shop at factory, information on excursions at the touristoffice VVV. Open: mo. / sa. at shoppinghours. Voorstraat 84, Harlingen. Tel. 0517-415362.

Gemeentemuseum Het Hannemahuis.
Voorstraat 56, Harlingen.Tel. 0517-413658 Open:.

Harlinger Aardewerk Museum. (priv) (China)
Zoutsloot 43, Harlingen.Tel. 0517-413341. Open: on app..

Exiting boattrips from Harlingen
- Excursion Seedogbank, from Zuiderhaven. Prijs f20,- children < 12 year f15,-
- Day excursion Terschelling / Vlieland, with vissit Zeehondenbank, incl. koffie and a bicycle. From Visserijhaven, sportfishpier Harlingen. Price per persoon f45,- children > 3 < 12 year f35,-
- Fishersdays Harlingen, harbours and Waddensee. From Zuiderhaven Harlingen at 14.00 h. on 23rd, 24th and 25th of august.
More information on dates and times, call Waddenrecreatiebedrijf "NEPTUNES": +31 517 416856

From Tuesday 11. july untill (including) Thurstday 31. august, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thustday, theIJsselmeerbus drives from Lemmer to Makkum along the IJssellake and a lot of tourist attractions. The bus drives five times a day,every two hours. For 12,50 you can use this touristical service the entire day.


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